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Lyme disease able to be passed in humans????

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This was the news I got from a close relative who claims that she got it from her boyfriend? This guy claims to have had it off and on since he was 16, he's now 32????
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To my knowledge, it cannot be transmitted from human to human. I had it several years ago and at that time, was told it was not transmissable. I believe it may be transmitted through a blood transfusin from one who has it to one who does not. I'm not sure about that, even.
A friend of mine has had it since she was about 16. She got it from a tick while camping. She is now in her thirties. Her husband does not have it but one of her kids does. Kind of odd.
:wink: i got a sister that always wants to be sicker than everyone else too
i don't believe it
if they done a blood transfur it could but not be tranfured by common contact
In the early days, it was extremely hard to diagnose because it mimicks so many other diseases such as undulant fever. I almost had to force a doector to treat me for it. When my son caught it, it was diagnosed immediately and he recovered quickly.

It is some bad stuff and can be fatal. Reoccurrences are common if not treated corredtly the first time. As I understandit, today there are a few different strains and not all will test positive in the common tests.
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