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Lower gas prices!

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I just got an email idea on how we might be able to get gas prices lower. If you'll recall, just about a year ago there was a letter going around suggesting that we all stop buying gas on a certain day. Not a very good or effective idea because what we didn't but that day, we just bought the next day. This idea is different. Basically, we still buy gas that we need, but just don't buy it from the three biggest companires, Exxon, Mobil and Citco. If we can GET them, they will have to lower their prices and, as always, the others would then follow suit. I'm not one for forwarding emails "chain" essages, and usually don't, but this gas thing is getting out of hand. We are paying through the nose and the oil barons are making BILLIONS in profits! Anyway, I've gotten on the bandwagon on this one. If you get the email, give it some thought, it just might work!
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I want a BP in the neighborhood. they don't use OPEC oil. CITGO is that Venezuela oil. I'm going along with it. can't hurt me, can it.
We had one of those emails floating around at work about a year ago. It made sense to me. So what gas are we going to choose to buy? BP?

On that note I seen oil up to the $109 a barrell mark today.
We had one of those emails floating around at work about a year ago. It made sense to me. So what gas are we going to choose to buy? BP?

On that note I seen oil up to the $109 a barrell mark today.

The new idea is to go ahead and buy gas, but don't get it from the big three, Mobil, Exxon or Citco. The other companies follow them on pricing, so if they have to lower their prices, the others will follow suit.
We have to try something!
Yes I got the idea. Just making sure BP is not with one of the big 3.
I'm not sure how big BP is but its still a gas producer and charges the same as others. I work right next to a BP refinery here in Toledo. I believe they are British backround, were popular in Canada for a long time prior to coming to the USA. I'll follow along with the idea, but the big picture is less need for foreign oil, less demand for oil period, more nuke plants yes they are safer, kill vertually no workers (like oil refineries)and produce large amounts of electricity. If we reduce our oil comsumption prices for gas will go down! With proper stack scrubbers coal is still a good resourse and there is a lot of it in the USA. Short term needs for oil could be gotten by drilling where there is oil owned by the USA. I'm sure many of you will have an opinion on that! As long as we consume large amounts of foreign oil we aren't in the position to cry too much on what they charge/barrel. We are a spoiled society, now its time to pay the piper for it. Everything that we consume is taking a hike upwards, current and near term expenses are going to hit the pocket book hard. I don't see a presidental candidate that can turn the tide. Right now I feel like...:ranting:
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G.W.Bush tried in his first year in office to get an energy package through congress that would have allowed more domestic drilling and would have built more refineries but the democrats would not allow it. We would be in a very different situation had that gone through.

We have enough oil in Alaska and off the coast of Florida to supply most of our needs and can't get to it. All you hear about is we need to cut this and do without that when all we need to do is drill and refine. When is this country going to wake up to reality.
Well All I can say about the nations fuel supplies is that Chevron / Texaco will probably be the answer to our prayers but as long as Mobil, Exxon, PLC, BP and Anadarko Petroleum Corp keep greasing the palms of the big wigs there's nothing Chevron / Texaco will ever be able to do.
I said it before and I'll say it again because I believe it could work,,,
If everyone started buying Strictly Chevron / Texaco gas, it would put a major hurtin' on the others. We should be supporting Chevron and Texaco anyway After all they are the companies that are leading the way in finding U.S. oil supplies just look at what they've found already in the Gulf of Mexico.
here's the link to a Sept. 25th 2006 report telling how Chevron found a HUGE Oil Reserve in the Gulf of Mexico.
just my input on the subject...
SUPPLY AND DEMAND thats all there is to it.what size vehicle do you drive?how often do you drive.If people keep guzzling gas no boycott will ever work.I have cut back drastically on how much/far i drive.Till americans ditch the big SUV's your going to keep getting hosed at the gas station plain and simple.I betcha its gets alot worse before it gets better.I rember the lines no gas days in the 70's then toyotas became popular the muscle cars died.people forgot those lessons and now they are paying the price for their ignorance
Bull. Who controls supply? All the oil co's have to do is stop putting it out there for sale, the price goes up. wars, EPA, Hurricanes, pipe line break, all reason that supply COULD BE slowed. Happens all the time with the lumber industry here. mills sit on the logs till the price gets where they what it then they run the lumber. so if everyone was driving priuses the co would just sit on it longer till the price got where they wanted. One thing to keep in mind we still pay some of the lowest prices in the world. Its the record profits that irk me. In a free market society a co has the obligation to make a profit but come on, when is it enough? Oh and history shows there was no gas shortage in the 70's there was the threat of a gas shortage so the oil co's AND the government sat on what they had and just wouldn't release it. The threat alone was enough to cause panic. Sounds like on both sides of the coin, right? well its not that simple and it is. Just me babbling. And I drive a dodge pickup with a V8 and a Dodge charger yes with a HEMI and I think I'm far from ignorant.
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they control the supply, we control the demand. Try to concentrate on the things in life you can control.

p.s. left my two pennies on the counter for whoever keeping track.:biggrin:
right, but who will out last who? us, that have to get to work, and the kids to school, and the groceries home, and, and... or the oil cos with their multi billions. thats why i don't worry about it to much. i still got to get from point a to point b and haul the stuff i need to haul. so i pay whatever it takes. but if not buying at Mobile or Exxon will send a message i'll help send that message. i wouldn't buy citgo if it was 25 cents a gal because of the ties to Hugo Chavez.
You're right we aren't going to get Mobil or Exxon to fold up, but we can be selective about who we give our hard earned dollars to. It just makes me feel a little better knowing that I'm not giving it to them in particular. By the way, both of those companies get most of their oil from Saudi Arabia... If that's not another good reason, in itself, not to buy from them, I don't know what is.
It's not about one outlasting the other. To think that the price of something will go down without reducing the demand for it is ignorant.

Everyone is always looking for someone else to blame for everything. Either that or looking for some else to fix it.

Like blaming the government for NAFTA or blaming big business for going to Mexico or where ever for cheaper labor. They all sold out the American worker. No, they didn't the American consumer sold themselves out. You can't go buying Korean boots, Chinese belts, shirts from Mexico and so on and expect there to be a demand for American Products. We wouldn't buy our own products because they cost more, then why would anyone else?

NAFTA allows goods to come here without taxes. It doesn't force us to buy it. Without the American consumer it doesn't work, and the American worker does.

All supply and demand.

Some trips are essential, yes, but are they all? Can trips be consolidated? Then of all the necessary trips, do they really have to be done in a Dodge Charger with a Hemi? If These are things you need or feel you deserve the freedom to enjoy then fine, I have no problem with that. If a person is able to indulge themselves more power to them. Just don't blame someone else because you're indulgences cost too much. Gas is like anything else, they will charge whatever people are willing to pay. If you can't reduce your demand, they will not reduce their price.
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Thats what I like about the plan, not from this co or that co, and I can still get gas. Bp, conco, and sunoco don't use arab oil. thats what I was told anyway.
Ya'll feel free to discuss this all you want. I find your thoughts very interesting. Whether I agree with them or not. I just ask that you keep it semi professional.
Ronn, Ronn, Ronn, don't get all snuffy on us now.. (calm down take deep breath's and relax some) It's just a friendly chat. I don't think anyone is calling you ignorant as an individual... I think the ignorance comment was directed towards the masses, (me included) I too just purchased a Dodge Ram with a Hemi, It's still a gas guzzler but it's getting better mpg's than what I was driving.
We've always had good discussions on many issues here at the club, whether we agree or disagree with a persons views on a particular subject, everyone is entitled to their opinion and input.
If a person thinks it's about consumption that persons efforts could work better by attacking the sport of Racing, who wastes more fuel than racers?
:w00t: :w00t:
I have a Chevy Silverado V-8 350 and a Chevy Suburban also with the 350.
Love the power and they do the job of hauling around all my toys. Neither one gets driven as much as the girlfriends Kia Optima but I wouldn't want to give them up. I realize there is a price for my indulgence and try to bear that in mind before blaming someone else.

Price is not always what's most important. If buying more expensive American products is important to you in order to help economy then you should do it. If supporting Chevron/ Texaco because of their efforts in lowering our dependence on foreign oil is important to you then by all means support them.

Like wise if there are companies like Citco, Exxon, Mobil that you don't agree with their ties then that should be the determining factor in not supporting them.

Just wanted everyone to bear in mind that the consumer dictates the market and anytime we don't like the current situation we should first look at our own spending habits.

It may cost more to support the things we believe in or are import to us, but like the song says " You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything."

Ronn , Didn't mean to make it sound personal. I thought I made that clear when I said I have no problem your indulgences ( I have my own). You stated yourself that you don't worry about prices at pump, you just do what you need to do. That if Citco was 25 cents a gallon you still wouldn't buy it. Again I agree, and have no problem with that, all I was saying is prices will not go down without reducing demand.
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As I said somewhere before a difference of opinion is a good thing. Thats what it takes to be progressive instead of reactive. That being said I think that lowering oneself to name calling and making things personal is wrong and I for one WILL respond if I feel someone is being disrespectful to me or towards anyone else.
OK back to what I was trying to say. OPEC, not a fan, is not producing at 100%. They figure out where they want the price per barrel to be and they produce just enough crude to hit that mark. They oil co's do the same thing. They hold onto the oil and release it at a rate that manipulates the price at the pump. The proof is the record profits the oil co are making. It is a world wide industry and even if everyone in the US drove Hybrids it would not effect these co. If you produced widgets and everyone uses widgets everyday, to increase the profit margin they could slow making widgets in order to increase profits. If they doubled there $$ on each widget producing them at a rate of consumption, then cut the production to less than the rate of consumption they could at that point raise the price to triple their profit margin. OPEC is doing the same thing along with these oil cos. In business a co's concern is the profit margin and there are tons of ways to make it what they want. If the consumer does one thing the companies will do something to maintain that margin. Cost cutting actions. Move to where labor is cheaper, produce a less quality product by using cheaper parts, cut labor force, cut benefits to employees and so on. I'm not saying its right, I'm saying thats the way it is. NAFTA hurt this country tons by allowing US companies to move to where the labor cost is less in order to increase their profits. I blame the Unions in part for driving up the labor costs and forcing these companies to look elsewhere for labor. NAFTA just opened the door to allow this to happen. It all comes down to profits. The US is far for business friendly taxes by the states and federal govt and unions along with unfair trade agreements have made the US unpopular for business to be here. Who dose this hurt here? Labor, the American worker. Thats the way I see it. Oh and that HEMI is really good on the hiway. Runs on 4 cyl, 6, or 8 depending on demand.
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