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lots of turkeys

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ive been seeing tons of birds this deer season.. i had a fat gobbler going nuts about 20 yds behind my stand earlier this week. thought about blowing his head off so he would shut up.. their kinda nerve rackin when your not huntin them and you got to listen to them for a hour.
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scare them away

i have herad alot of times turkeys will scare your deer away if they are messing

around like that, i dont know if it is best but i have heard the best thing you can

is scare that turkey away from you :unsure:
may be true

the morning he (tom) was yelling at the world i did not see any deer. i think thats only my 2nd time hunting this year without at least seeing a doe
You see 'em all the time!

Did you know that every time you see a rabbit, you see a "buck" or "doe". :lol: Interesting. You see more than you think. :w00t:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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