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Looks like its Alabama in the National Championship!!

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Florida is not in a good position.. Their fixing to drop to #2 AL.

As long as Texas can beat Nebraska later on tonight it will be Alabama and Texas for the National Championship game..

Roll Tide.. I mean Roll SEC!!
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The way that Texas played that 'championship' game, they certainly didn't play like they were the top #2 or #3 team in the nation. I'll give Nebraska kudos for playing such tough defense, but Texas has (or had) one of the top offenses in the nation and should have done a whole lot more 'damage' to Nebraska than one TD and a couple of field goals.

Alabama certainly came to play when they played Florida. I watched the game in SC with my outlaws (oops . . . that was supposed to be in-laws), and was certainly cheering for Big Red. Alabama seems to want this national championship more than Texas does at this point, but Texas still has a couple of weeks to get their minds back into the game.

Whoever wants it the most on the 7th of January will be the ultimate winner.
May the best team win!
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