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Looks like its Alabama in the National Championship!!

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Florida is not in a good position.. Their fixing to drop to #2 AL.

As long as Texas can beat Nebraska later on tonight it will be Alabama and Texas for the National Championship game..

Roll Tide.. I mean Roll SEC!!
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Suck it up Tebow.. Dont cry on National TV!!!

Texas and Nebraska on now. Neb is playin tough. Their up 6-0 in early 2nd quarter action. If Texas loses its gonna mean Cinncinatti is in the Champsionship game. Never thought I would see that in my life time..
Looks like Alabama vs Texas for National Championship

And then what Ohio State and Oregon playing..

Im guessing Cincy playing Florida..

And TCU playing who???

Isnt the bowl selection later on tonight??
I would have liked to see TCU play anyone other than Boise State. Wanted to see them stacked up against a powerhouse team. Oh well you cant have them all. TN made a bowl game.. Woo HOO.. They prob get spanked playing V. Tech though. Their good.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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