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Looking to Lease Hunting land in KY

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Myself and my older brother live in Georgetown KY, we hunt September through January and try to get to Sping Turkey as well. In November at the start of General Gun season, our other 4 buddys join us for an 8 day hunt for Deer season. We are all responsible hunter, and believe in working the land we hunt to maximize our Harvest.
I am looking for a new place to hunt, that we can get a long term lease gaurantee for 5-10 years, so that putting down plots and working the land doesn't seam to go against us if someone decides not to lease to us but for a year to year lease.
Please respond with any info if you have property you are interested in leasing to a group of 6 responsible hunters, we appreciate yout time.

Thank you,
Michael (kybowhunter)
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Thats a great post as there are a few more looking to get a leased property also. I'd like a SE Ohio property for 4 seasoned hunters.
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