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Looking to buy a new rifle need some info!

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I'm looking to getting a new rifle this year in a .308 cal. Nothing really extravagant I was looking at a few different rifles that are in my price range

1. Marlin Model X7VH
2. Stevens 200
3. Remington 770
4. Savage Axis

Any advice would be great thanks.
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Please discuss: "Why those"? The .308 is a great round that can be found in a very large number of choices. Unless we know what you're thinking and why, we can offer any number of our favorites or possible choices.
I always ask why low budget new when the market is full of better rifles in the used market for about the same money.
Well I honestly my my father has given me a bunch of .308 rounds that he doesn't want. He's got rid of his rifles in that cal. so they are no good to him. I know they're are some good used guns out there but I can't afford to drop 500-600 bucks on a GREAT used gun. This would be my first rifle in the .308 cal and I'm looking for a fairly good low end new gun.
OK, same question, why are you set on a new low end rifle? You will spend nearly the same money on a new budget rifle, and that's all you are getting or you can shop around the gun shows, online auctions and get a really nice used rifle that will hold it's value better. Just my thoughts as I don't see much out there in the budget market for new rifles that I would want to spend my hard earned money on. Firearms are pretty much what you spend=what you get. Be patient and study all the factory offerings and make your choise. 308 is a perfect all around round. Good luck!
I've never bought a gun online so I'm a little clueless on that end. What are some good places to look? I mean I have no problem buying a great gun used if it is in my price range.

My thoughts on your current list of choices...

1.I have some experience on the Marlin XL7s I really like them having setup and shot two both in 30-06.
2.I really dislike the Remington M770, this rifle was made for a price point and is crap. The Remington M700s and Model 7s are great stay away from M710s or M770s.
3.The Savage Axis is another made for a pricepoint rifle. Pass on this one. The Savage/Stephens 200 is also entry level, but a much better rifle from the same Company.

If I had only 300.xx to spend on a 308 Win I would be buying the Marlin XS7 in 308. Ruger now offers the Ruger American bolt action, but I am not sure if it is available yet in 308.

A rifle will last generations don't be in a hurry to buy it, choose carefully.

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Log onto Gun or Auction Arms .com and enjoy looking and getting to know online prices.
I'd seriously look into the Ruger American rifle with that budget if I were you.

I've owned a Stevens 200, it is also a great rifle. Same as a Savage 110, just without a detachable magazine.

The Marlin X7 is also a good rifle.

I wouldn't even consider the Remington 770 and Savage Axis.
PLEASE do NOT get the 770. I had one and almost gave it away to get it out of my house. This is the first time I have ever admited to ever owning one. They need to scrap that model:yucky::thumbdown::thumbdown:
I wouldn't even consider the Remington 770 and Savage Axis.

For the $$ you've worked hard for, pay the extra few $$ for the Savage Model 10/110. The quality and features on the 10/110 are well worth it.

My $.02 worth.

I use a Marlin XL7 in 270 cal. Love it!!! Best gun for the money, IMO
Good Luck
I'd seriously look into the Ruger American rifle with that budget if I were you.
I agree I purchased this in the .308 for my daugter. The more I shoot it the more my M77 will stay in the safe This is a great woods gun for cheap money but not a cheaply made rifle.
I just purchased the Rem 700 .308. Not sure if this is out of your price range but many people are happy with the Rem 700.

Since a bit of time has gone by what have your found out? It was agonizing for me to select my rifle, many fine choices.
Are you really locked in to the .308, the .06 offers such a wide range of rounds, 90 gr to 220 gr rounds. I love my Weatherby/Howa, 24" barrel, 3" groupings at 200 yards, can't go wrong with this combination.
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