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looking forward to tomorrow

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Ii can't sleep, I'm like a kid the night before christmas. tomorrow starts rifle season in oklahoma, and I have 5 days off work in a row. I traded weekends off with a non hunter to be able to go opening weekend, I worked 276 hours in the last 12 days to be able to do this. I think I might have a slight addiction to
while working the last 12 days near coalgate oklahoma, I saw more large bucks and more deer in general than I have ever seen in any 2 week period in my life, damn near ran over a nice 8 pointer yesterday morning. yep, I definately got the fever, I am up this early packing my gear, bout to go clean my rifle again, just mounted a new bipod on it. all I really have to do is wait for the girlfriend to get off work at 3 this afternoon and I am headed north to kay county to the small town of newkirk, already got my spot picked out, already know where my stand is gonna set, just hopin the deer are still movin like they have been all week. best of luck to you all and may your freezer remain full of venison
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I hear ya, I am off next week as well and can't wait to get out in the woods. Good luck.
goose, tomorrow is the second weekend of rifle season here in Missouri. I had the gitters last weekend and couldn't sleep! I'm excited about going out this weekend, don't get me wrong, but those gitters before that first opening day are the best! I bet I double, tripled, and quadriple checked my gear to make sure I had everything. The only bad thing is the temp is supposed to get up in the 60's this weekend.. NOT looking forward to that. Seems like the weather is at it's PRIME to hunt while I'm working and in the 60's (like this weekend!?!?!?!)....
ok all my gear is packed and I am sittin here starin at the clock waitin on the gf to get off work at 3:00, her dad lives in missouri and he invited me to hunt with him this year but I won't be able to go up there for thanksgiving with her. I started this job in january and don't have any vacation time built up yet. Ineed a seasonal job that allows me to be off work from october to january or febuary lol
as a teacher I get 3 months a year off- all summer months! I wish I could have 2 months off for summer, and one during the month of november!
Goose,,, what part of missouri are you going to be hunting?
The only bad thing is the temp is supposed to get up in the 60's this weekend.. NOT looking forward to that. Seems like the weather is at it's PRIME to hunt while I'm working and in the 60's (like this weekend!?!?!?!)....
Our weather is supposed to be about 20 degrees tomorrow morning (opening morning of gun season!!) so that should get the deer moving, but its gonna be cold sitting in the stand! I'm pretty excited that's for sure. :pickle:
Gun opener in TN as well tomorrow. Temps are going to heat up to quick for my taste. I would gladly trade you WisconsinDeer. We are suppose to be as high as 70.

Good luck Goose. Bring us back some pics.

Tator I agree with you on the weather always seeming to be prime when your at work. I have that same thought all the time.
I won't get to hunt in missouri this year, maybe next year. I am at a loss to explain the deer this year, winds were lite, I was sittin on a beanfield, late evening, temps were in the low 50's, tracks everywhere, yet no deer. all I saw this weekend was a dog sized doe that might have dressed at 40 lbs on a real good day, and it was not a legal shooting situation so I passed. last week while working, I seen lots of deer, this week...nada. and nobody I know had any better luck
The most frustrating thing in the world, though, is sitting in your stand for over 4 hours and not seeing a THING and then driving the 5 miles back home and seeing over 10 deer along the side of the road with their tongues sticking out and laughing at you... the last part was made up, but they might as well have been...
I am quite sure those northern oklahoma deer had a good laugh at my expense, oh well. i had a great time and enjoyed the relaxation and peace that hunting brings, its always nice to bring home some venison but the real goal is to not be at work, to be with friends and family, and to not be at
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