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I am not too sure where everyone on here is located but I myself, am from maryland and have been a bow hunter for years...

I know maryland has strict laws for rifle usage in maryland but i gotta tell you it is hard as hell to sort through all the legal stuff on DNR's website...

I am soon getting a Ruger american rifle in .30-06 for both target shooting at the range and whitetail hunting out of state.. ( i have a cabin up in the mountains)

I was curious if there is ANYWHERE in the state of Maryland where it is legal to use a high power rifle for any type of hunting.

I am gonna get a .30-06 regardless but it would be an added bonus to use it for hunting in my own state.

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Find/contact Game Warden

Although he may be the 'enemy' to most of us, you might just find him to be full of knowledge and your best friend if there are any difficulties with your neighbors. I called the county sheriff who forwarded my call (to the game warden) this past season after my son's spike buck ended up on my neighbor's property before passing.

Try this method if you can't find the answer to your question. . .:coffee:


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I got this off the Maryland dnr website looks good for u

Pay attention to the areas that look like they are Muzzleloader only.
Buy you should be able to use your 30-06 atleast is some areas.


Rifle Regulations
  • Air rifles are legal to use for hunting in Maryland and must comply with the rifle regulations. Air rifles may not be used to hunt turkeys in the spring season or migratory game birds. They are not legal for deer or bear hunting because they do not meet the minimum muzzle energy standard for rifles noted below.
  • It is unlawful to hunt with an automatic firearm capable of firing a series of shots with one continuous pull of the trigger.
  • Rifles used for deer and bear hunting must use ammunition developing a muzzle energy of at least 1,200 foot pounds.
  • Firearms used for deer and bear hunting may not have an ammunition clip loaded with more than 8 cartridges or bullets. If a clip has the capacity to hold more than 8 rounds, the clip does not have to be physically blocked, but no more than 8 cartridges or bullets may be loaded.
  • Rifles may be used to hunt forest game (except turkey during the spring season), upland game (except doves and woodcock), crows, nutria, woodchucks and certain furbearing species.
  • It is only lawful to hunt with ammunition of soft point (expanding) construction. All military, full metal jacketed, incendiary or tracer bullets are prohibited.
  • Breech-loading rifles may not be used to hunt deer in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Calvert, Caroline, Charles, Frederick (in that portion of Frederick County lying south of a line beginning at the Washington/Frederick County line at US Rt. 40 and continuing on Rt. 40 east to Harmony Road, proceeding south on Harmony Road to I-70, following I-70 east through Frederick County), Harford, Howard, Kent, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Queen Anne’s, St. Mary’s and Talbot Counties or in Worcester County as follows: (1) within one mile of any school, (2) within that portion of South Point lying south of a line beginning at the west end of the Sinepuxent Bay Bridge on State Rt. 611, then by and with the south side of Rt. 611 to the junction of the South Point Road going south for a distance of .6 miles to a point opposite the southern boundary of the Ocean City Golf and Yacht Club property on the west side of the road, then by the southern boundary of the Ocean City Golf and Yacht Club to Trappe Creek and (3) within that portion of the land lying south of a line beginning at the mouth of the St. Martin River northwest to the junction with Shingle Landing Road, then by and with the south side of Shingle Landing Road to the junction with State Rt. 113, then by and with the east side of Rt. 113 to the junction with Rt. 589, then by and with the east side of Rt. 589 to the junction with US Rt. 50, then by and with the north side of Rt. 50 to the junction with Assawoman Bay, then by and with the west boundary of Assawoman Bay to the junction with the St. Martin River.
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