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Looking for the big one

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The Game Zone in SC that I hunt does not allow you to throw out corn "BAIT" and the guy that owns the land that my hunt club leases does not allow us to plant food plots. Anyone got any ideas/ suggestions on what to use to try and lure the deer into the area?
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When you take food out of the mix..
All i can think of is one hot doe :surprised:
or some scents
You shouldn't ever have to "Lure" them in, Scouting before the hunt usually puts you close to the zone if you spent time scouting to learn the lay of the land yourt hunting and the deer routes to and from their food sources and the ares they Bed in,,, that's what works best, not lure scents...

Take the time needed to scout and lure scents won't ever be needed.
thanks for the replies. some scouting has been done before the season started. was just wondering if buying something like the Comere deer in a bag or other things along those lines is worth buying.
It probably isn't a good idea to use scents just yet... some scents drive deer away from their normal routes, I'd avoid introducing anything foreign to the deer this early in the game. stick to what you're learned during the scout and I'd let it play out the way it's supposed to for you. Good Luck
Scouting will be your best bet. Look for the best mast (acorn) producing trees in the area. Normally you will find some small stands have produce more or just better acorns and deer are constantly eating there.

If you find one of these places, try and then find or locate a common bedding area. This can be done by topomaps, google earth, or just plain ol' walking around. Try to pick out a few places to hunt so you have options for times when deer are comming/going and for times when the wind may be variable.

Also, I know in many states you can use salt licks and products of that nature but normally they take a year or so to get into the ground and become used by deer. You will have to check a lot of product's ingredients and your state laws about using them. I know here in TN you can use those products as long as they are around the 50% mineral concentration. Like I said though, check local laws.

One final thing, ask the land owner if you can throw out some wheat or such in a small clearing. That way you don't cut any trees or have any heavy machinery on the land. You can walk out there with a seed spreader and a few bags early before you hunt, sow it down and let it start to grow a bit. Have to do it at the right time and or it the seed will be left on top of the ground and could be considered baiting. But as a whole, you can sow wheat pretty heavy anywhere and you will get a decent stand....just an idea

good luck!
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as others mentioned find the natural food sources ,acorns,clover crops etc,also look for bedding and staging areas.good luck out there
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