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Hey all
Do any of you shoot a .32 cal. muzzle loader?,
I'm a newbie to this forum, and I'm hoping to get some advice.

I just picked up a sweet little .32cal in line rifle, made by Green Mountain Barrels. It's built on the Knight Disc Extreme platform.

In New Jersey, we have a muzzle loader season for squirrels, and have been wanting to get in on it for years. But .32 cal. guns, especially in-lines, are so hard to find. So when this came along, I jumped on it..... (The reason I wanted an in-line is, scope mounting. These tired old eyes of mine can't focus on open sights anymore.)

For deer hunting, I'm shooting a .50 cal Knight Disc Rifle. My load is simple. 90gr Pyroderx RS Select, 300gr Hornady XTP in a high pressure sabot. This load shoots well for me, and has taken many deer.... But....But..... this .32cal. thing is all new to me.

Is Pyrodex RS Select, suitable for .32cal? Triple 7? black powder?
I was looking at Blackhorn 209. It had good reviews, but no mention if it could be used for .32cal.

I will probably be shooting a 45gr. patched round ball, unless I can find a source for conical bullets.

With Pyrodex or Triple 7 where would you begin working up a load? 8gr 10gr 15gr of powder?
And how high can I safely go before I do something stupid?

Tons of info out there for .45 .50 and and .54 cal, but I can't seem to find anything for .32

Thanks in advance......old ammo
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