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Look what showed up for pics

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Last day of youth deer weekend in NH and also the last day of the NH moose lottery hunt and look what showed up in front of my son , daughter and myself at 15 yards. he postuered for a while and after about ten minutes of memories he walked off.
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Thats a nice looking moose. He looks huge!!!!!
That is an amazing picture and an incredible looking moose.
He is probably around 670 lbs or so . It would have been a great bow shot !! Kids loved it !!!!
That's an awesome capture on Camera, great looking moose..
That would have been some site to see. I take it you guys wasnt in that field to hunt moose huh. Well, I guess if you ever do, you know where to go back to :)
I've had the pleasure of taking four bulls over the years and it never gets old.
Nice!!! wonder what a muzzy broad head would look like going through that big sucker?
It would look like a dinner invitation being hand delivered.
great picture and really good to hear the kids are out with DAD! :ibtl:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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