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Look a here at this new member from North Carolina......Kick it back yall

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How yall doing out there? I just wanted to stop by and say hello and introduce myself. My name is Philip Holmes and I love my wife. But hunting is my passion. Particularly deer and turkey. I love bow and gun hunting and I also enjoy reloading rilfe ammo.

Three more weeks before our bow season comes in and I can't wait. This season is going to be a big one for me. In October I have a hunting trip planned in Texas. Two weeks after I get back I'm going bowhunting during rut in the great state of Ohio. Some time after the first of the year I plan on taking my wife to South Carolina on a hog hunt.

I believe if I could make a living out of hunting I would be doing good. I'm always interested in meeting new people from across this country. I'm new to this site and haven't looked very hard, but I was wondering if there was a place on here where people could set up swaping hunts with each other.
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Howdy from TN. Nice intro about yourself. There is no specific place to swap hunts on here but feel free to bring it up in a new thread. Enjoy yourself on here.
Welcome buddy. It sounds like you have some good times ahead of ya. Best of luck to you and your wife on your upcoming endeavors.
Welcome from NH Good luck this year & hunt safe
Greetings from Vermont, welcome to the Club.
Welcome from GA. Sounds like a GREAT season ahead for you. GOOD LUCK.
a big "how you doin "from NYC
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