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Decided to re-mount the 3-9x40 Bushnell scope on the Wolf again since it was my eyes being the problem. The last time i had High mounts but I got another Wolf a couple weeks ago and so I used the Medium mount off it and its perfect. Squish your cheek lightly against the stock and everything is lined up perfect.

Heres the Wolf with the new medium durasight mount and of course the bushnell that i remounted on it. ZERO trouble with this scope as you will see.

Now for the first target you will see 4 low shots, those were me getting it dialed in at 160 yards with 100gr BH209, 300gr Aerolites. I started off hitting pretty far over to the right and so i took 2 shots just to make sure and then adjusted over. Took 2 more shots and then moved the scope up to where the final 3 shots by the bulls eye are.

The Accuracy killer today for this Wolf were shots #3. My first 2 would just leave me smiling and giggling like a school girl and then screaming like a wife after shot #3 which always go high.

Again, I shot both the 250 and 300gr Aerolites.

Far right, 3 shots with the 250gr Powerbelt Aerolites, they impact a good deal to the right.

Close to the bulls eye again are 2 shots touching and then my 3rd high shot..

The shot directly above the bulls eye was me zeroing in the scope to get it as close to perfect as I could get.

This Wolf is a shooting mother! But on every darn group, shot #3 just would sling high a bit. I gave the rifle a few minutes between shots to cool down, cleaned the flash channel after each shot. I don't know if its just me pulling the trigger a bit hard or the fact that I am not using my lead sled. Either way, I am happy, just would like to get them all to touch one way or another.

The bulls eye in the last target is 1" DIA.

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The one that is a little high can't be more than maybe an inch higher than the two that are touching?? At 160yds? I would call that good, at least for me it would be. I have a 2004 Optima Pro and it shoots like your Wolf. At 150yds you can shoot the middle out of a 3" bullseye, at 200yds it is about 6" or 7" low. 100 gr Blackhorn, 300 gr Hornady SST, Federal 209A primer.
PS: Absolutely beautiful job you did refinishing that sidehammer rifle, and how many coats of TruOil did you end up using?
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