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Loved the determining distance article since I like being as self sufficient as possible and wanted a way to determine distance without a range finder.
After reading the long range shooting article, I was trying to think of a simple way to calculate the distance using your reticle with a formula. I have a BDC reticle, which allows me to sight in at a 100 yds and still get some range with the other marks under the crosshairs. Would the formula 100=x work? I am figuring that if a deer at 18 inches from back line to brisket at is within the cross hairs to the lower post which equaled a hundred yards on my reticle, half the distance in between my crosshairs and lower post of the crosshairs would be 100=.50X which would mean it is at 200 yards. At one third 100=.33x which would be 303 yards in distance. And at one fourth, it would be 100=.25X which would equal 400 yards.

Is my math and thinking correct here? Any help is appreciated. Hopefully I am making sense.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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