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Long distance slug shooting

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Just curious if any of you guys have experimented with 150 - 250 yard targets with your slug guns
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Not me 100 yrds is a the longest shot I take anything over that would use my .270 most shots around here are under 100yrds
daddus, I have yet to sight in my 870 slug gun. I put a Leupold scope 1.75x5 on it would hope to get out to 125 yds with it. I know a lot of range time will be needed to find that perfect combination but I think 125 is a realistic goal.
125 yrds. is about my limit with my 870 slug. anything over that i leave up to my .270. i dont like to shoot at somethin i know i wont kill it.
The farthest I've shot my slug gun is probably 100 yards. Although I have shot my .44 mag rifle (ballistics about equal to a 20 gauge slug) at 200 yards.
long range slug shooting

I have killed a deer 165 yds with a Mossberg 500 12Ga, fully rifled barrel, topped with BSA red dot sight, hornady sst slugs
Hi Daddus: I have slug hunted in Illinois for the past 42 yrs and used a fully rifled Hastings 24" cantilevered barrel for the past 17yrs. I also do a lot of experimenting with slugs on paper first, then go and kill deer with them to see terminal performance. The two rounds I really like are Winchester Partition Golds and Remington Ultra Bonded CoreLokts. I have them set at 2" high at 50yds and at 200yds they are about 7" low. I have killed deer with them at 204yds, 193yds and 181yds. They are both devastating rounds and both shoot the same out of my gun(Rem. 870, Redfield 2x-7x Widefield) Last year I recommended the Part Golds to a friend in New Jersey who bear hunts. He said that he's never seen such terminal damage on a bear. Good luck this hunting season!!!
Yea I think a lot of the guys thought I was shooting at extended ranges which I know I am not capable of??? 200yds is a pretty good poke with a slug gun but the circumstances dictate that. If I'm in a box blind with a 3 prong shooting stick,
it might be possible for me but with the shotgun maybe 125 comfortably but 200
would be a question, anyways if you can shoot it, do it and have a great hunting season.
I sat out in a box blind for two days about two weeks ago to see how much weight i could loose between 83 degrees and the skeets. Two of my toughest days seeing nothing I ever had but it still beat working. LOL
If you can sit for 2 days in 80 degree temps and tons of mosquitos you are obviously a man of GREAT resolve! Seriously though, that long range slug gun business is ok only with a rock solid rest. I have mostly metal ladder stands with shooting rails and the ground where I can hunt is mostly wide open fields, very little timber, so the long distance stuff was born out of necessity, like you said when the circumstances prevail. I would really like to find a barrel with a 1:26 or 28 twist, but haven't been able to find anyone making one. There was a company in Wisconsin called Badger Barrel Co. that did offer them, but I guess they stopped, can't even get a hold of them anymore. Have a great hunting season!!!
If you can use a muzzleloader and have more money than you know what to do with go to: and take a look.
I left a comment about that on the muzzleloading forum when I saw your post about Bad Bull. Good grief, what a rifle, and good grief again what a price tag-$3950!!
Should be able to with the higher velocity sabots or reloaded with a sabot and a bullet drop compensator scope. With the bolt actions, single shots, or a little tweaking with the pumps.
just got my current issue of American Hunter. On page 60 they have an article on Federal Trophy Copper Slug that may make the topic of longer range slug shooting a lot more interesting. Now if i can just get my hands on some of them to try. If you find who has them let me know.
Those look good, but I have seen on threads in other forums where the all copper slug didn't expand. I have seen them on the berm of shooting ranges still almost completely in the same configuration as loaded, probably at the longer ranges, also (OP). There are a number of shooters that kill deer with them though. My comments weren't directly considering the (name brand) ammo but the firearms for witch the possible ammo could be shot more accurately. I have shot decent groups with SSTs, Rem 385 gr sabots, and the Fed powr shok sabot, though. Have you ever though of an accurizing kit for your pumps? Check out the Manufacturers forum.
I don't shoot a pump I have the old Savidge 210 bolt which shoots pretty good.
I'm actually thinking about one of the new single shot break actions
Last year I got some venison from a friend who took two doe with his slug gun.He said the longest shot required calculating a 13 inch drop.He had a range finder and a drop chart on the gun stock.He's an ex marine sniper,so he should know his ballistics.I'm guessing it was over 200 yards.
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