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Long Day on Stand

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I spent 13 hours on stand yesterday staring at the same cut down. All I seen were mosquitoes,birds,chipmunks and grey tree rats. The constant hum of crickets was a natural hypnosis. The stand is in a good area so I stuck it out. I wish I had brought a hunting mag. I started text messaging a bunch of people for excitement. Yesterday was the true test of my patience. 5 years ago I would of climbed down looking for action.
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That's a long time on a stand for anyone. My neck/back require me to take a break after about 4 hrs. Which makes it about lunch time. If I get a misty cool day I will try to stay longer. We tend to shoot at least 75% of our bucks before 11:00am, in bow season during the PA rut.
Well you just never know when it will pay off. One thing is for sure you won't get your deer if you don't hunt. Way to hang in there.
Way to rub it in...My hunting season hasn't even started yet. J/K

For sure some of those long days pay off. Keep it up.
good job

man 13 hours are a darn long time theres no way i could do that. im headin 2 the woods tommorow but i doubt il be settin there for 13 hours. Way to hang in there like a real hunter.
Your chances are much better than mine of harvesting a deer. I have never seen a deer run through my shop in all the years I've been there.
Good Luck Good Job!!
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