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long action

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dumb ? why do they make long action .270 win. ect. just to have empty space in the case.
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I don't really understand what you are getting at...the .270 win is a necked down 30-06, and 30-06 is a long action cartridge, so it would only make sense for .270 to also be a long action cartridge.
long action cartridges

You may find some loading have some air space in the case but others will fill every little space. The 270 is a wonderful and very efficent cartridge. The 30-06 case that the 270, 280, and 30-06 use does allow quite a big choice in which powder is used. A fast one will leave the case with alot of air space left in it. Most reloaders try to maintain a fill density of >90%. This makes the load more consistant as the powder can not shift around much. Remember that the bullet on most loads will seat into the case using up a large amount of the air space you see if you remove the bullet.

i was just suprised when i shook my win. ballistic silver tips by my ear. it sounded like a ech-a-schetch:confused:
I switched from Rem ultra core lokt 165 to the Win supreme ballistic silvertip 168 and it does sound like an etch a sketch too. Why is that????? Is that the air space Karl was referring to????
Different powders take up different amounts of space than others. One brand of ammo might sound it has like a lot empty space, and other brands might not...depending on their powder. It's just how it is.
With smokeless powder there is almost always extra space

One of the wonders of smokeless powder is that we have a choice of how it burns. With black powder loads the reloaders often just filled the case and then seated a bullet compressing the load. You can get away with this on black powder but not with modern high pressure smokeless powders. The powder burns slower than Black powder and the pressure stays at max pressure longer. We rifle reloaders need to be careful but the potential of something ugly happening is worse with reloading pistol cartridges. If a person chooses a fast powder it is possible to put multiple loads worth of powder in a case prior to setting the bullet. You don't have to be an engineer to imagine what happens when you have twice the pressure at firing than you were loading for. For this reason I like the slower powders when loading pistol ammo. You will spend more money on powder because you get less loads per pound of powder. It is physically impossible to double charge a case that is 3/4 full of the powder after you charge it. While it is fun to try different powders, I am boring and tend to use the same ones in the cartridges that I load for on a regular basis.

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