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little help here .54 lyman deerstalker

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what is the most reliable method of either saving the shot overnight or shooting it and reloading the next day -20 out left in garage and nothing the next morning .this was what i was told to do just don`t get the load warm by bring the gun into the warm house .triple 7 powder and precussion caps only the cap went off .i realize this happens and had it happen before .but just want to make sure iam doing everything to prevent something in the future .:rolleyes:
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i pull the primer out and then the breech plug and just shake the pellets out then push out the slug
on a traditional deerstalker

are you doing that on a lyman deerstalker with hammer style percussion style gun?
no im sorry its a cva wolf with breech plug
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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