This will make 50 pounds of link sausage. It will turn out fantastic.

  • 30 lbs Venison
  • 10 lbs Pork Butt
  • 10 lbs Beef Fat
  • 2 tbs Cayenne Pepper
  • 1 tbs Crushed Red Pepper
  • Meat Seasoning

  1. Ground up 20 pounds of venison, 10 pounds of pork butt, and 10 pounds of beef fat with a course plate(I used a kitchen aid with a grinder attachment).
  2. Mix it all up by hand really well. I did this in a large cooler because it is easier than doing it in separate bowls. At this point I would recommend to put the meat in a couple of smaller bowls and refrigerate them so you don't get the meat too warm.
  3. Next pull out the individual bowls of mixed meat one at a time and run them back through the grinder with a fine plate. Spread the meat evenly in the bottom of the cooler and every time you get about 2 or 3 inches worth of meat, add some seasoning and remix. Some people like to season the meat after grinding it the first time and leave it in the refridgerator over night. I have tried this and can't taste much of a difference so I usually skip this step. I season my meat with Leggs old plantation #25. I have experimented with my own different seasonings but it never turns out quite as good. I would recommend putting the seasoning in a large shaker so that it will be distributed evenly. I also like to set about 15 or 20 pounds aside and add 2 table spoons of cayanne pepper and 1 tablespoon of crushed red pepper so I can have some sausage with an extra kick.
  4. Now it is time to stuff the casings. Thaw them out in cool water. If you put them in water at the beginning of the grinding process, they should be just about right. I use an old cast iron sausage press. I put a little vegetable oil on the metal sausage attachment to help the casings slide into place without tearing them. Make sure to slide them on all the way on and try not to get any air bubbles in the casings. As you fill the casings don't pull on them too much. Just let the press do the work for you. Of course if you are using an old timey press like me and are pulling the big metal arm crank around, you will be doing a little work yourself. Twist the casings about 3 times around in the same direction so you don't unwind what you have already done. If you bust one, just cut it off where you busted it and make it the end of a sausage. I wouldn't refreeze or save any left over casings.
  5. Now just wrap em up in some plastic wrap, package em up with some freezer paper, and put them in the freezer as soon as you are done. Call over all your buddies the next day to help you eat them up!

I ended up with 144 sausages. Not too bad for just $21. ($10 Pork Butt-$6 Casings-$4 Seasoning-$1 Bullet)

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