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letter to santa

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Dear Santa ,

I've been a good girl this year. I would really like to get a deer for Christmas . I don't care if its a buck or doe. Either would be nice. My husband would also like a deer and possibly a few coyotes. My son would like some raccoons and my little girl wants some pink muck boots very badly. We will leave you cookies and milk.


p.s. We promise not to shoot any of your reindeer.
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I'm glad you added that last part about the reindeer, that's always been a big problem in Wisconsin for him!!!
Just be glad that they're not mule deer. One guy out in West Texas got himself one, only realizing he just didn't quite know what to do with the horseshoes when it came time for dressing it. <grin>

Went to check traps this morn and Santa sent us a bobcat for christmas. :w00t:


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when I didnt get what i wanted for christmas


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