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left handed shotguns and rimfire rifles

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I am looking for left handed shotguns pref. 12 or 20 ga. also looking for left handed rimfire varmit rifles. My son is COMPLETELY left handed and getting into shooting and hunting.
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Savage makes left handed rimfire rifles. I'm also left handed but I've only ever used right handed guns.
thanks WD, I have ordered the savage .22 cal bolt action, 10 round clip. I also just bought a Rossi .410 single shot( big Christmas gift for this year), it has the safety mechanism on the left hand side. The only thing I don't like is that as soon as you say "left handed" the price increases about 50%.
That's one reason why I like the Marlin 336C in .30/30. You can add an extra hammer thumb piece that can go either lefty (like me) or righty when you mount a scope. (Recommend Weaver mounts - scope is elevated allowing the shooter to still use the original fixed sights.) I'm a left handed shooter (about the only thing I do left handed) and so is my youngest son. The only "real" difference is that the rounds load in the right side. After that, everything can be done left and/or right handed depending on the person using it. Also recommend Hornady's LeveRevolution rounds in 160 grain. You get .270 like performance out of a .30/30.

I've used the rifle and so have both of my sons to put deer in the freezer. It's a great all round brush and deer gun.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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