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Leaving unused iron sights on the Rifle????

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I am debating whether to leave the set of iron sights on my Sako Carbine if I keep it. I have a Nikon 1x4 African scope on the rifle but there are factory iron sights on the barrel. At low power sittings the front sight is very visable in the scope view. I am going to take the rifle in to get the trigger pull reduced to 3-3.5 lbs and at that time I would ask the gunsmith to remove the sights and fill in the screwholes. What does the group think, I have bothered to zero the iron sights on the rifle.

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I left a word out

I NEVER bothered to zero the iron sights on the rifle.

remove em. seems they may be distracting through the scope.
I did just that on my muzzleloader, took the sights off then found some tiny screws that fit the holes and screwed 'em in, in case I ever want to put the sights back on the holes will be good. You could put higher rings on it if you want to leave the sights on, but that might upset your face placement/eye alignment? Just a thought.
what ever it takes to get your scope as close to the barrel as you can.never us those look thru scope mounts or any mount higher than needed.As for the front post site, once you hit about 4 power it will bleed out and you wont even see it
You need to do everything ethical to make a clean kill. If the iron sights are in the way of your scope picture, remove them.
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