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Ok - so the TML's suck - more money than any team in the league - but they cant even get in the play offs. Cant get a ticket.

300 $$$ for a ticket for a team that has not won a cup since 1967!!!!!

Leafs suck!!!

Go Toronto Rock Go!!!!
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ha thats funny. :biggrin: spoken like a true fan of the sport. im a nashville predators fan myself. i hope we can go a little deep in the playoffs this year.
Leafs suck!!!

Go Toronto Rock Go!!!!

I'd hate to see what kinda shape the Predators organization would be in if they weren't playing so well this year. We were at the top of the league for a stint there, and they were still having trouble selling out a game against top ranked Anaheim.

God I hope we make it out of the first round of the playoffs this year. We'd get a new banner to hang up in the Nashville Arena:

First Playoff Series Win
That will compliment our "First Playoff Game" banner really well.
very funny bmetz. i agree with you though. it also saddens me that a team running with the detroit red wings in a points race (2 yrs in a row) has so much trouble selling tickets. i guess nashville is just not a hockey town. i heard they were trying to to get some more corporations in nashville involved to try to help promote the team better. the preds are playing well they deserve the support.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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