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Lazy deer sleeping under a tree

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I took this video Thanksgiving morning 2010. This was my nephews first hunt and he got a dandy 4x4 at 277 yards, i captured it on video as well.

This however, WOW! Once in a lifetime at its best.

The kid in the video is my nephews friend. My nephew wanted nothing to do with it LOL.
YouTube - Sleeping Mule Deer

My nephews deer. I am still editing the video, a lot of bleeps thanks to my brother in law cussing and claiming that my nephew missed.
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HAHAHA now that's awesome! I would not have tried that with a larger buck though! I've never seen a deer or mulie sleep that soundly! Reminds me of my roomate in college... NO LIE, this guy went to bed one night at 8pm and didn't wake up until 1pm the next day. I had about 6 guys over and we were taking bets on when he'd wake up... I lost $5.
Good video.
The rut must've worn that deer out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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