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Law School Graduation

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Things have been so hectic lately,,, my step daughter (Melissa) graduated from the University of New Jersey,
Rutgers Law School (camden) May 24, 2010. words cannot express how proud we are of her.
We spent a jam packed week in New Jersey for the Celebration party the graduation and a few other outing events.
It was great being with her all that time and we're already missing her dearly but for now it's time to unpack and unwind from the trip..

The guest speaker was Stuart A. Levey, (Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence)

I wish each of you could have been in attendance to hear this man speak.
It's comforting to know that the people appointed to those positions are steadfast and firm in their fight to protect and defend our Nation
right along with the men and women that make up our military.

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congrats I'm sure are very proud of her. It would be nice to have a Lawyer in the family.
Congrats to her and you Bruce. Fine achievment
Congrats BB, wish all your family best wishes, and for her future endevors!
Congratulations are in order for her and the whole family. The best to all of you!
tell her congratulations from WNY on such a job well done and good luck in the future
Yes, congrats for all of her hard work and the dedication it takes to complete such a prestigious program. Best wishes for her success as a lawyer!
I agree. Congrats and best wishes from down south.
Just a personal thanks to each of you for your kind words and well wishes...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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