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I came across this story at the Vermont big game tropy site of a Vermont hunter (Romaine Andress) who had late hunting season success and
this is a prime example of why you can be just as successful hunting the end of the hunting seasons compared to the start of the hunting seasons.
I hope it's ok to share Romaines photo here with all of you, if not, contact me and I will remove it immediately. (see caption below photo)

For those of you who gave up early, let this be a lesson. This buck was shot last week during muzzleloader season in Plainfield, Vermont by
Romaine Andress.
Last year, Skip Woodruff's muzzleloader deer was the highest scoring deer at 151 2/8. Has Skip's deer been beaten already? This deer has been
green scored at 152 6/8 and just might be Vermont's highest scoring typical deer for 2009.
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