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ky seasson 4 days left

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well there is only four days left for muzzle loader here sunday is it no more gun for the rest of the deer seasson. but bow is in till the end of Jan. I still have a few doe tags. I have just not been able to go always something I have to do before I can go, but I'm going to spend fri,sat and sunday in the stand. If nothing just to get out and try and get a good case of the flu.
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Hopefully you can dodge the flu..:green: Good luck with your remaining days. Thats not alot of time. Here in TN it goes back to rifle this weekend and goes into the first part of Jan.. We still got some time left I just have to find the time to get in the woods..
well good luck to you. I dont mind gun going out I like my bow too!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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