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We don't talk much here about knives which is kinda strange as its fairly important to hunting! I have several and kinda a bit superstitious on which one I take out on a given day. Sounds strange, we all have certain habits and this is just one of my quirks. I have the old Buck folding hunters that I still use but over the years I have started using mostly fixed drop point knives. I especially like one I got from Wilderness Knife Works from Rapid River MI, the owner is a former employee from Marble Knife co. It has burl walnut handle 3/16" thick steel with a rockwell rating of 58-60 and a drop point design. What's everyone else using these days any favorite knives?
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I average a loss of at least 1 knife per year out in the woods from gutting deer and getting all mixed up and forgetting the darn thing. I use the simple flip out deals the most cheapest ones too. I like the ones with the saw like parts on the bottom of the blade to cut the breast bone .
i got an old cutco must be 50yrs old almost running out blade,gift from uncle.other than that folding buck 110
I went cheap on gut knives and never take the time to put a good edge on it either. Its one of those winchester fixed blade gut knife thats about 8 inches long. (including handle)

The only time I have a compliant is when Im gutting a deer! Everytime I tell myself Im gonna have to put an edge on this knife. Then after that I never think about it again until I have another deer on the ground. Maybe this year I will remember to hit a stone with it before I hit the woods.
These are the 3 knives I have with me at all times while I'm hunting.
The first is a cheap Normark which I use strictly for clearing the anal passage
The second is an Arthur Fulmer knife.
and the third is my Stihl back-up knife....
I keep them all pretty close to razor sharp.

I have several other knives but these are my Fav's for hunting...

If anyone happens to come across the Arthur Fulmer knife,, I'd suggest buying it, it's an Excellent knife! :thumbup: :thumbup:

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Has anyone ever tried Ceramic Knives? They're supposed to be that Cadillacs of cutlery now...
10 times stronger than steel having a strength second only to Diamonds capable of retaining a sharp edge for much greater periods compared to steel cutlery.
Sounds good but I'd like to know if anyone has any first hand experience using them.

some of mine.


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cVCQYD <a href="">qoyvbqdnowpg</a>, bgndjqsjshsp, [link=]zopmpevkvnnm[/link],
some of mine.
a nice looking group HM... If I remember I'll post some pics of the other knives I have..
Only the second on the right would probably not be used. Its a Marbles and I'd like to keep it in as new condition. The third down on right is the Wilderness knife it has been used, probably my favorite. The one with the leather had to have a new handle made by me (ate by lab) was a nice stag handle, and I used a piece of maple from the Hawken project and now use the knife in ml season only. Some times I'll take one of the old Buck folders out when I need to change my luck.:wink:
bb, I've got one of those Stihl knives in my ml box, Came with the chain saw and a hat. I have never heard of your Fulmer knife but it looks like a nice folder.
yepp mine came with the chainsaw also, I guess they were out of hats when I bought mine. :ranting: lol
I use a sheathed buck knife that my Dad gave me for my birthday the year before he died. I have other knives as well but dont use them much .
Few more of my Spare knives,
My Gerbers one with gut hook one without,
a Smith & Wesson Homeland Security pocket knife,
a Buckmasters pocket knife and a Sabre novelty knife....

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I have owned a Gerber bolt action since around 1988 , it has the three exchange blades (gut hook/blade,saw,reg. blade) It holds a great edge and I have gutted quite a few deer,moose, bear and I wouldn't ever have a need for anything else.
Nice BB, It would be hard for me to have just 1 knife bad karma. I change knives like underware just to change my luck, wait that didn't come out right. I ugh, change knives during a hunt if I need to change my luck. Most times I'll throw in the pack a Buck folder I bought in 1971. I think it holds magical powers, sometimes:ph34r:
I change knives like underware just to change my luck
I change knives like underwear as well. Only it's because I keep losing them (knives) so much.
I uae a Buck knife fixed blade and a 2 blade Buck jackknife that was old when my grandfather gave it to me 43 years ago.
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