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Knight Rifles Closes

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I just found out that Knight closed their doors on June 1 2009.I sure did not expect that.
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ya, that stinks. iv only had my knight for about a year, and first shot it about a week ago. it seems real nice, and my uncle tells me you cant buy a nicer muzzelloader. makes ya wonder why they whent out of bissness.
For whatever reason, it's really too bad they threw in the towel..
I got an email on that several weeks back. It didn't go into a lot of detail other than they tried to compete with the higher end ML's and failed. Looking back they would have stuck with simpler bread and butter models.
can you still order supplies from there website?
shockey,must have known something ,he was always a big sponser of knight,then last year he switched to thompson..

I have been gone from this site too long....I come back and find out that my one of my favorite ML companies went under??!!! Knight was the first ML I ever shot and has been the best by far. It had little to no recoil, awesome trigger pull right out of the box, durable, reliable, and easy to kinda ruins my day
I cant believe it either.i wouldnt trade my knights for any of the so called higher end models.
Never been a knight MZ fan but I still hate to hear it.
Tony Knight was the inventor of the modern inline.His first one,the MK85,was introduce in 1985.Named after his daughter,Michelle.That is according to Randy Wakeman.Muzzleloading would not be what it is today without Tony Knight.
Hopefully some other company will pick up the brand and continue on. Lets just hope they continue to produce a good quality product.
Another company bit by the recession I reacon. Too bad he couldnt have patented the in-line, he'd be on top still. One problem I see is the discs that you have to have to shoot the thing. I didnt like the idea of having to buy them from the company and glad I got a CVA and now a TC Encore. He may have actually held a patent on in-lines but sold it to others I dont know.
The new KP1 does not require the disc.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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