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Knight KP 1

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Anyone have any knowledge regarding this gun. I have a chance to purchase one in camo stock and 50 cal ss barrel, also comes with a second 243 barrel all new unfired in box for $500.00 + no tax. I would appreciate opinions pro or con if you can help.
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I got the chance to shoot a knight before deciding what I was going to buy. It felt great and was very accurate but the clean up on the model I shot was a pain in the butt! I have an omega now and can have it apart clean and together in probably fifteen minutes or so. Also have a T/C with a stainless barrel that is older I do not see the diffrence except the cost. I guess that is because I believe in maintaining what I own. Good Luck!
I have one.You will love it.Very easy to clean.You no longer have to use the little red primer holders for muzzle loading.Barrels are alot cheaper to purchase than T/C.Trigger removes in under a second for cleaning.Has under a 4 pound trigger pull.No tools required to change barrels.Mine is stainless with camo stocks.I have a 270 barrel also.
Thanks for the replies!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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