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Kinda a sad time for me

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Today and the next few are kinda a sad time for me. My daughter is leaving in the morning, Sunday, to go back to school. I may not see her again until the middle of Oct. I just have to keep thinking about how great it is for her and be happy with and for her. She is looking forward to it cause she likes it in VA. The way I normally deal is throw myself into the final preps for deer season and lots of texting for a while. She is making that 13 hr drive again by herself, which of course bothers the crap out of me, but she did it last year so I'm sure things will be fine.:sadbanana::crybaby::sad::sadbanana:
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I can relate to you, daughter moved out this spring and son is leaving for golf school in SC in about 12-15 days. Its now just me and my labs. It's not a great feeling and he won't be hunting this fall with me. Whole different world now to deal with. Have to figure out how to handle it all. Chin up, face into the wind just to hide/dry the tears.
Its a odd combination of excited apprehension you feel for them isn't it? This will be her third year and it isn't getting any easier for me. For her, its like Christmas. She really likes it there. Well we figure out a way to carry on don't we.
Will be working on that for some time I guess.
I guess you and i are pretty lucky. i suppose there are alots of cases out there that some look at it as a releif to have the kids out of the house. i guess its a good sign. my daughter is always sad when she goes but she rebounds quickly once she catches back up with her friends. its a good feeling to be able to say your proud of your kids and i am.
Very proud indeed. We know that they will leave the nest and its susposed to be that way. I just didn't receive the manual on how to handle it. I thought when I lost my brother hunting would not be fun anymore then son took over and fun returned. friends will be there this fall but its not the same. Daughter is in 3rd year at local college so that helps.
Sorry to hear that your bummed out ronn. If it makes you feel any better I think that your daughter is going to school not only for herself but for her old man too. I bet that you are proud to see her taking those steps to make it big for herself, to go to new places, to meet new people, and learn all kinds of cool stuff. From what you've said it sounds like she really likes it there especially if she'll drive for 13 hrs. Like you said "I just have to keep thinking about how great it is for her and be happy with and for her". Positive vibes like that will get you through it and I wish your daughter the best of luck in making it big.
well she is off. thanks
Chin up Ronn, she'll be fine, I'm sure you raised her right.
Esther and I have been dealing with her daughters being too far away for several years now, her oldest daughter (23) lives in New Jersey and is going to Law school in Camden New Jersey, Camden is the Crime Capital of the United States.
Her youngest daughter (19) is also a college student (Radiology) here in Vermont but during summer break she also leaves for New Jersey because she can earn more working down there, so we understand how you feel but these are smart kids we have (yours and ours)
We can't keep them underwing forever (but we'd like to) but by letting them venture out on their own only proves to us as parents how well we raised them.
Personally I never cared if my kids were successful, All I ever wanted was for them to have health and happiness, success is their rewards, their happiness is mine. :smile:
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well said, I agree.
cheer up ronn .. my wife and i like life..with no kids in the house...
Im still in the young stages of life compared to you folks.. But I can already tell it will hard when they start stepping away.. Congrats ronn for raising a daughter that still stays in touch with her dad. Not everyone can say that.. Chin up face in the wind like HM said..
Wish I could help you to feel better about this, but, if it helps, I know the feeling. I have a son and daughter and four grandchildren living 2500 miles away, and it stinks. I try to see them as often as time and money permit, but those grandchildren hardly know me. I can also relate to the driving as I have a daughter living nearby who has to drive about 35 miles to work every day over a mountain pass. That scares the crap out of me during winter, especially!
Thanks guys. She made it safe and sound so I'm feeling better.
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