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Key constantly falling out. Barrel Lose

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Season is about to start back up in a month. Last season I was walking in the PA mountains with some ice. I fell straight on my gun. I cracked the sight off (very replaceable, not a problem) but, my key keeps falling out. The barrel does not seen as tight as it was. I have taken it apart and i can not understand what has gone wrong. I doubt the heavy barrel has bent, I Do have a synthetic stock, maybe the stock has been pressed in? I am hoping someone can give me some incite and share their knowledge. Thanks.
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I think you are correct the stock loosened up some. For a quick hunting answer I'd just use something to help keep it tight for now like silicone on the outside only or black tape all around it to keep it from falling out. To save the stock maybe a dab of epoxy glue on the keyway then file it to fit the key again. A little goes a long way. I'm sure many here will have some good thoughts.
my new englander has that problem. I just wrapped a piece of black tape around the key and pushed it in. no more problems.
I too fell in PA many years ago and split the stock on my Rem 760 pump rifle. I had slipped on a creek bank and knocked myself out only to wake up and find a badly split stock and bent stock bolt. I had to order 7600 stocks to replace the darn thing as they had quit making stocks for the 760 model.
Thanks you all for the incite. The black tape seems to work pretty well! Cant wait to get shooting! Good luck to all of you with your hunting endeavors. If I get a monster ill be sure to post!
or you can just put a slight bend in the key and have it truly fixed.
or you can just put a slight bend in the key and have it truly fixed.
I agree this is also what I would had tried myself first
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