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Kentucky Buck on opening day

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The weather was not the best for the Kentucky opener, but that ain't about to stop us, is it? I was in my stand sitting by 63 mins before SR. Not 2 mins later, I heard a noise and turned to see some shadows walking down the trail adjacent to my stand. Two deer veered off the trail and towards some scents I'd hung and raising my rifle let me see through the scope what looked like a large buck, with large main beam, but I could see no detail other than that, plus it was too early to shoot.

I saw a couple does (who actually bedded down within 65 yards of me in a thicket) and around 9 AM I turned to see a big buck headed down the trail towards my stand. I saw he was big, really big and counted 5 points on one side. Two of those points were broken and the other side was broken off at the skull. He was an absolute brute of a deer though and had a gorgeous head as he passed no more than 5 yards from my stand. I'm pretty sure he was the same buck I saw earlier when still dark.

I was back in the stand by 2 after lunch and figured by 3 PM bucks would be on their feet moving. At about 3:20 I looked to my right and saw a buck walking fast through woods towards an overgrown power line ROW. I figured he'd pick up the trail that ran behind my tree and sure enough he did. As he got close, I counted 4 per side and then hurridly tried to decide if I should shoot or not. I decided yes, and the CZ/9.3x62 spoke, collecting it's first deer ever. Not the biggest buck in the world, but big enough to ride home in my truck with the tailgate open. :yes:

After the shot, I got some support from my SIL & 2 yr old Grandson. My Grandson's first reaction as I started to gut him was "WHOOOOOOAAAAA!!" As I said, he's not the biggest deer in the woods, but he is the first I got to enjoy in the woods with my Grandson (who has now had his hands on three different 8 points in the last 7 days!)

I especially enjoy having my SIL come & help me drag one out as he was a scholarship basketball player and goes a tad over 6' 8" :thumbup: Here's a couple of pics; one of the deer right after I found him and a couple of me and my Buddy (Grandson) just before beginning to gut him. :pickle:


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Congrats, nice ky harvest Turner !!:thumbup:
Nice buck! Always a good time when you can enjoy the success of a downed deer with family!!
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