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Kansas Whitetail Hunts!

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Visit us at or give us a call at 816-752-2216 for more information. When visiting our website be sure to click on the flickr link below our photo gallery for more pictures. We run very few hunters, so when you book with us your group will be the only group in camp for the dates booked, you won't be sitting in camp with 10-20 other hunters your group is it. We are a small operation, and last year was our first year. We had two clients in camp all year and both shot within 3 days. Unfortunately only one harvested. We understand the importance of not pressuring our properties, which gives our clients a great opportunity at harvesting a mature whitetail. We currently have right at about 700 acres, but looking to pick up some more property. Some of you may be thinking, thats not much property and your right its not. But when your not running 20 hunters a week through your camp you don't have to have alot of property. You just have to have the right property and know it inside out and know what your deer are doing and thats exactly what we have.
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Just posted new trail cam pics, be sure and check them out. Go to our website and click on the flickr link below the photo gallery. Click on headline 2011 Kansas Early Season. Hope you enjoy and still a few spots available if interested!
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