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Here are just a few pictures from this spring. All of hunters left very happy and just when we thought we were done for the 2011 season we had three great guys from Arkansas call and they wanted to come hunt for two days so we had six birds to kill in those two day it sounded really tough but we got it done on the last morning we pulled a triple off. We should have been filming this hunt because it unfolded just like it should. Then this afternoon 5/13/11 we had some good friends come into town and we were filming for the new show The Calling and wouldn’t ya know it we found two lone gobblers on the edge of a cut corn field so we slipped around on them and got set up and got them gobbling go and coming to us like they read the script we actually let them get a little to close when David (the field produce) said kill them they were at 10 yard and how uncle D and I were set up we had to get to our knees pull and shoot we had a tares right in front of us and the birds were so close that we could shoot unless we got to our knees and when we shot Uncle D and I both missed and on the second shot Uncle D killed his bird and i jumped to my feet to try to get a second shot at my bird and I fell flat on my face cause my legs and feet were so asleep. I no I no how do you miss at 10 yard but honestly that’s a little too close for how tight of a pattern our guns shoot but O well life goes on that’s just another turkey that’s going to be a little harder to kill. I has really embarrassed because i haven’t missed a turkey in a long time with a shotgun and then to top it off it had to be on film WOW that kinda made me a little mad but that how it goes sometimes.

Hope yall enjoy the pics and once i get some of the video edited i try to get it uploaded so you can see what we have to offer here at KSTO. let us know what you think of the story and keep your eyes open for the special we are running on our 2011 Fall Deer Hunts and we will get some deer pics up soon.



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