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Just Joined

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Just signed up and wanted to say HELLO
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welcome from NH. there are a few NY folk here.
Hey Doe, welcome aboard. Glad to have you here at I am one of the NY'ers here.
And welcome from Montana. Always nice to get new people and ideas. Join the party.
Greetings from Vermont Doe... Glad to have ya with us.
Welcome from down south in the state of Tenn.. Make yourself at home in here..
Thank ya for the welcoming! Seems like a good crowd on here!:thumbup:
how you doin?:biggrin:welcome to the site "NY in the house":pickle::pickle::pickle:
Doing great! how bout yerself?
sick of the rain starting to get moldy:yucky:
Welcome from NH
Joel I hear ya about the rain this week does't look any better here either
ruined turkey season and so far 5" of rain in june
Hey Doe! I am a newbie here too! Welcome abroad to you and me!:wink:
Greetings from Wild and Wonderful West "By God" Virginia:bye:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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