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just got back from roanoke va and my daughters graduation. she graduated with honors. so now she has a BA in Art History. i'm/we are very proud of her. she is the first one on my side of the family to graduate college, although a couple of us started but never finished. man i would love to go back to school for wildlife management and environmental science. some day maybe.

va is absolutely gorgeous. all leafed out. turkeys and deer pan cakes every step of the way from the start of pa on 84 to southern va.

so what did i miss?

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congrats to your doughter on getting a BA. that is no small achevment. im one week away from getting my assosiats degree, and i will tell you there is no way i could make it to a 4 year degree. im all burnt out and only 1/2 way to were she made it. congrats to you proud dad.

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Congratulations Ronn to your Daughter and your entire family, support plays a major role in their achievements.
I totally understand the Proud factor, I/we also have to go to New Jersey in 3 weeks for my step daughters Graduation from Law School (Rutgers University, School of Law)
She's also graduating with Honors, She isn't the first from the family to graduate college but she will be the first to graduate from Graduate school (which is College after college) But she will be our very first attorney and we are so Proud of her, She's going to be a Great Attorney.

Next year the second step daughter graduates from Med School, University of Vermont, college of Medicine (UVM) she's going to be the first Dr. in the family. sometimes Proud just doesn't describe it well enough..
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