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just got back

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from scouting the deer stand i had that was over run from coyote. it definatly had signs of coyote, but holy deer sighn. i literly had to watch every stp to make sure i didnet step in deer scat. right under my stand too. cant wait till the 2010 seasone.
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get your camera in there. use this snow to find out all you can about this area. where the pinch points are. stream crossings and the like.
thanks ronn. will do, as soon as i get over this dang cold. pluss i got that nice new game camera to put out there. i dont trust that old one i had as far as i could throw it. i also got to get out to that location we scouted this fall. but i gota work my nerve of for a long walk, my car wont even get within a mile of that location now that there is snow on the ground.
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