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Juice's Venison Burger

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I have tried many different recipies in the past for venison burger and after tweaking a few different ones, this is by far the best recipe I have ever used hands down.

1. Grind 3 pounds of hickory smoked bacon and 30 pounds of venison with a course grinder plate. You can substitute the bacon for 3 pounds of beef fat or 5 pounds of pork roast fat, but I wouldn't because it is simply out of sight with the bacon.

2. Puree two large onions and two green bell peppers. When you add this to the meat, use all of the juice as well. This will help add to the flavor.

3. Next run the meat through the grinder a second time with a fine plate to make sure all the venison, bacon, onions, and peppers are mixed in thoroughly and evenly.

4. Add salt, pepper, and worcestershire to the mix to suit your taste. 4-8 ounces each of salt and pepper, and 8-16 ounces of worcestershire should do the trick.(A hint of garlic powder is optional)

5. After everything is all mixed together, put it in large bowls and let it stay in a cold refrigerator (not freezer) for 24-48hrs. This gives the extra ingredients a chance to soak the wild flavor out of the venison before you package and freeze the meat. These few days of setting before freezing are very important in knocking out the wild taste of the meat, so do not skip this step.

6. Now all you have to do is make 3-5 pound packages by wrapping the meat in plastic wrap and then freezer paper.

The burger will be very lean with only 10 percent fat so I usually add a little olive oil in a pan if I am frying up burgers. This recipe also makes wonderful meatballs for spaghetti sauce. Enjoy!
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oh, that sounds good. great now im hungry.:crazy::whistling:
I processed some burger this week. Here are a few pictures of my burger making experience. :thumbup:


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That looks very good!!!! When you inviting us all over to try em'?
Hey Timber, if you make your way down here from NY we will have a huge grillout, throw some horse shoes, and I will send you back with some burger and sausage to boot. :w00t:
Hey slickhead I gotta ask.. Can we throw this one up in our recipe section.. You already got pics and all..
Knock yourself out bud.
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