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Joined new club

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Well for $175.00/yr I just joined a new hunting club in PA. The club leases 2000 acres with an ajoining 1200 acres of land lock state game lands. What's nice is it's only 20 minutes from camp. Opens up another place to hunt. My neighbor/co-worker/hunting buddy also joined. We each get 1 visitor pass good all year. This area has good bear,deer, and grouse populations. Can't wait to take a look at it this fall.
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for that kinda of money, from what I'm hearing about land all over the country, that's hard to beat. Hope you find it works well for you. Did you see any pics of critters taken from this property?
ronn, one of the sons of the PA camp is a member and takes a bear there every year. He doesn't deer hunt there because of the good hunting on his own property. There are 90 members but not many bowhunters and vertually no flintlock hunters. I have seen the property from the road and its about the same as the area I hunt at camp. It's a good primative area with mountains/valleys /streams.
onehorse, I would imagine you probably don't have a reason to belong to a club that leases property. How much state game lands is there in your area? PA hunting property keeps closing in on us, which is a big reason I joined the new club. Hunting Colorado I assume is much like Montana what looks like a couple of hour walk turns out to be 1/2 day march. Reminds me of that Who song I can see for miles.....
SCORE!!!!!!! sounds great to me:thumbup:
Wow, sounds almost too good to be true!

Nice one - already looking forward to pictures and recollections!
that sounds real cheep,,,some duck hunters pay that a day around here
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