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join my group Bow hunters if u love bows!

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joi if u are a dedicated bow hunter
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Sorry I don't get it?
Sounds fishy to me.:confused::confused:
Nope nothin fishy just if youre a die hard bow hunter join

Sounds fishy to me.:confused::confused:[/QU
Join what?
Nothing fishy at all Fellas, starburstdan has started a Social group for Die Hard Bow hunters....
If you look at his profile you'll see an Icon that links to his Social Discussion group.

Heres the link to his group
Ok, still not sure what's up. I thought the bow hunting forum was our social place??? :bye:
ok everyone if u go to my profile i have a group that you can join if u love to bow hunt ppl create groups for fin just something to do
Gotcha starburstdan... i too was wondering what the group was...
no problem. im just another hunter thats all
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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