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venison definitely makes the best jerky...

the leaner the meat, the better. The ground beef/jerky-gun isn't bad. I've done some jerky using beef from home-grown cows, but it's still not as lean as venison.

No-dehydrator Jerky:
A friend from AL cuts his venison in thin strips, places it in his marinade of choice for a few hours in the fridge, then lays it out on a cookie sheet in the oven on low heat. I think you need the temp around 155 to 160 deg. 3-5 hours later (depending on the thickness of the jerky strips) you got yerself some all natural jerky. If your worried about bacteria, it helps to sprinkle a little salt over the outside of the jerky. I don't think Lee worries much about bacteria ... claims AL guys have such good immune systems from all the other crap they eat.

The stuff would keep for weeks in the refridgerator, but between me and the girls it never lasts that long.
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