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Jeremy Mayfield on METH

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Has everybody heard about Mayfield getting caught failing a drug test for Meth. I think they need to test Earnhart JR, that may be why he can't find his pits, he's been up for days an all tweeked out got blurry vision and can't see that big sign that says 88.
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Does Mayfield live in TN? As bad as meth is here I thought only Tennesseans could get their hands on it.. :coffee: It seems like we have meth houses on every other block..
when did they say what substance it was?i know he was in trouble but they didnt say what just a "banned "substance
I saw it in the news last week also I don't really recall if it was released by NASCAR or just speculation also just saw that his key witness Doctor or drug tester or whatever he is has no degree's & no record was found he attended the schools he said he did doesn't look good for Mayfield
NOW THATS FUNNY :lol::lol::lol::lol:
went to nascar .com yeah your right mayfield is dening it saying it was adderal (add drug) and claritin.sounds fishy to bad he was an okay driver awhile back maybe thats what caused hinm to loose his way.he was doing commercials and on TV and then poof nothing.sad for sure:no:
Earnhart JR.

I would say they need to test Jr. right away he drives like he's dinged out of his mind how hard could it be to find your pits when they are waving a big sign with your number on it an talking to you on the radio saying your pits coming up in 5,4,3,2,1 pit here.
uh oh sounds like we got a KYLE BUSCH boo hiss fan here:crybaby:
sometimes the desire and greed for the almighty Dollar causes way too many celebrities/entertainers/sports figures and Even Racecar Drivers to do anything and everything possible to get to the top of their game, the sad part of it all is, In almost every case we get to witness their rise and their fall...
Wouldn't you think after seeing SO many others do it they'd learn? it's just very sad.
I was thinking the same thing. Maybe if Kyle didn't act like he was on something on & off the track he may have as big a fan base as Jr naaaah what am I thinking

GO 88
88 go go 88

Yeah go right on past your pits and put your self out of winning contention. Oh by the way I like number 9 Kasey's got class a good attitude drives with respect for the other drivers never cause any wrecks he drives a good clean race I just can't say that about Jr.
just messing around with ya .Im really a Jimmie Johnson and Waltrip fan.I dont know how Jr keeps missing his pit though :crazy:maybe the crew chief change will help
I will admit Jr has had his share of troubles this year they all do it (usually not more then once a race??) just seems when Jr makes a bad decision they are all over it. the media & some fans have expected Jr to be his father & we all know he is not. I think w/ Eury jr gone you will see a change in his performance but it will take time with that said this is what I love about NASCAR over other sports the Passion.The connection we feel with our drivers. it's like they are our friends & we are ready to defend them whether they did right or wrong. You wont see NASCAR fans destroying cities after their driver wins a championship we just pick on each other about their driver in good, clean fun so please don't take any of this personally. you can pick on my driver just expect some back :biggrin:
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hey bighorn9 your boy just won the road course race congrats:ibtl:I have an autograph from kasey,his rookie year
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