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For the past 4 weeks, every Sunday I've gone into the game thinking the Titans have a very slim chance of winning. I just couldn't see them beating the Colts. As poorly as we played against the Texans in the first game this year (yet still managed to win), I figured they had our number and would lay it to us on their home field.

But every single one of those games Vince Young and the Titans have proven me wrong.

Sunday is approaching, and I find myself in the exact same position again. The Titans are going up against a Jags team that absolutely made the Titans look silly earlier this year, and a team that is coming off a similar routing of the Colts just this past week. Could the Titans possibly win 5 in a freakin' row?

They just might.

If we can keep Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor in check (and that is a huge if), I think we can get some pressure on David Garrard and force him into making some mistakes. Toss in what we've now learned VY is capable of, and a big play or two on special teams and I think you've got the recipe for a pretty big upset.

I picked up a couple of tickets for this game pretty cheaply on eBay. Here's hoping for a good game :bye:

Jaguars 18
Titans 24

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