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Jacobs Buck this morning.

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Buck this morning.

Sorry deleting all our photos Guys
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sorry guys
sorry guys
Awesome Buck Jacob.. Congratulations to you!!!
Congrats to you too mom, the HuntingGal & Huntingkid Team score again!!! :pickle:
LOL I thought Oh ok he is gonna get a doe first I still have a chance to win the 50$
:( Noot! I lost again this year lol

Well worth it though :)
Jeff called, it field dressed out at 128 lbs :)
Jacob, what a truly great trophy buck. This is something to be proud of for the rest of your life and don't forget to thank MOM for all that she does for you! I think MOM had a pretty good time also.. The two of you get a big congratulations :pickle:
wow what a rack for a buck that field dressed at 128lbs. i got one that dressed at 165 and it dident have 1/2 the rack that one did. once again, congrats.
congrats on the nice buck
Awesome deer.. Is mom gonna make that one a wall hanger for you???
Jacob only wants the rack done.
Congrats Jacob! A great buck!:pickle::pickle::pickle:
Great job putting it down jacob
By just hanging the rack you will have room for more
D, lol you ought to see his wall of them rofl
D, lol you ought to see his wall of them rofl
We need a pic titled Jacobs Wall!!!
LOL Buck I will take photo of his wall tomorrow lol
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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