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since I doubt we will be online tomorrow I want to wish my baby a Happy 13 B-Day (Tomorrow)

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Hope tomorrow is a good one.. Show us the hunting presents!!
AcChaps Aidekcek

Aidekceks Aidekcek Aidekcek
Happy Birthday Jacob!!! How's it feel being a teenager now? :w00t:
Oh my word!!!

Bruce he does not want much, just a Shelby Cobra rofl
Have a very Happy Birthday Jacob. You all have a great day as well tomorrow.
happy birthday and hve a great one brotha
by the way are you a bf gf shared account
wood, excuse me, He is my 13 year old son.
Yes, I am his Mother, we are a Hunting Team.
And I gotta say "One Heck of a Team" at that. :pickle:
thats wut i like to hear! where do i sign up!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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