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I posted the following story in a Vermont Forum but thought you guys might enjoy reading it as well.

Let us not forget about educating a lot more of the hunters that enter the woods, don't get me wrong a lot of guys/gals going into the woods know exactly what they are doing and are lucky enough to get into areas where they wont see the type of hunters that wander aimlessly in hopes of seeing a deer, You know those guys that don't take any time to scout the areas they're going to hunt, most dont even take the time to sight in their rifles.
I don't care who you are or where you hunt, If you got other hunters trampling through your hunting woods, Totally clueless to other hunters or what they're doing, you just aren't going to see any deer.

I think we should all do our best to educate those guys, just imagine what it would be like if you got to your spot knowing you're on a well planned hunt where you scouted the area so well you know where the deer are feeding, bedding and traveling to and from,,, Being at one with Nature.....
NOPE instead you're out there with the guy in the red hat up on the ridge, you see him pee on a stump while his rifle slips off the tree he leaned it against and crashes to the ground, then 150 yards to your right you see 2 guys walking into the woods obviously discussing which one will go that way and which will go the other But wait now you begin to hear the crunching of leaves behind you as you slowly turn to get a better view you see another guy in full camo waving to you from afar to let you know he's passing thru the area AND A couple hundred yards off to the left you see a guy in full orange trip over a downed tree of course he doesn't do it in a quiet manner,, no no, before he's done he's snapped 5 or 6 good size branches BUT he did manage to stay Vertical... This my friends is what happens during Deer Season, This was my opening morning of Rifle season.

So NOW it's only a few minutes after sunrise I gotta decide to stay, or leave the area and hope for friendly fire after I leave... (JUST KIDDING)
This is literally what happened to me on opening day of our Rifle season.
I was in an area I scouted WAY before archery season which I hunted during and missed a nice mature Doe and never saw not even one other hunter during the whole Bow season. Is it just me or do those guys know where you all hunt too???
I hope you all get a good chuckle from this but lets all hope those guys don't OWN a Muzzleloader, I've got an area that's holding a real Monster Buck that I think has gone totally nocturnal but I'll be there every day just in case he decides to chance coming in for some "Hunting Hour Snacks"

Good Luck everyone...

makes you scratch your head don't it? for the most part i guess i've been pretty lucky, well maybe not so much this year. the woods i hunt the locals know where i am and try not to mess me up if they know i'm in there and even if i'm not they avoid me stand areas. in turn i know where they are and return the favor. I will share info with them and hope they also with me but this has bitten me in the rear in the past and i suspect it will in the furture. In the lines of your article about public land hunting and this post, bruce, have to wonder if posting pics and telling what i'm seeing is a wise thing to do here in an open forum.

part of scouting, in my opinion, is knowing who is in these woods and what they are planning or at least plan for the worst others can throw our way.

oh well we play the cards we are dealt and hope for better in the next hand if we are dealt junk in this one. all we can do is work hard at it, create options for ourselves, and not lower ourselves to the standards of others, better yet we should try to raise the standards of those around us. but that may be thought of as preaching.
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