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It screams Big Buck!

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okay Here's the deal, Rifle season opened here in Vermont on Saturday the 13th., because the rut is not a typical rut this year I've been scouting more than hunting but over the course of 3 days I found a bunch of rubs nothing to get excited over until Yesterday (Tues. the 16th) upon entering the woods (45 degrees, slight fog, little to no wind) I began heading into my spot but something wasn't right the feel of the woods was different I was sensing something but couldn't tell why about 1/2 way to my stand I saw the reason a fresh rub no not the typical 1/2 to 3/4 sappling this was a 4" poplar tree and this wasn't just a regular rub,, the Buck that made it tore into the tree like he was mad at the world normally I wouldn't be surprised about finding this type of rub but this happened over night and I didn't find just this one rub, I found 4 others, 3 of them were tore up as bad as the first one I've seen new rubs throught my hunting years but this is the first time I have ever found 5 brand new rubs that all came into play over the course of just one night. I think now that this big boy has made his way into the neighborhood he's keeping the smaller bucks in check. All I can do at this point is just be there when he comes back into the area It's pouring out today so I'm going to give the area a break but tomorrow I'll be back in there and hopefully this Buck will come back in the area while I'm there.

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That rub reminds of one I seen a few years ago. I was hanging a stand on an opposite ridge. Making plenty of noise. I walked through the bottom and up the other side and found a massive deer bed. The leaves were still warm so I was sure I must have jumped this guy out of his bed and made him mad. Several yards behind his bed I ran into this rub. He seemed mad.

Hopefully you run into this guy next time your out there.
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You gotta love those fresh shavings on the ground in front of that tree Bruce.
i agree bruce thats a nice deer doing that.he must have his eyes on a couple of gfriends in the area.wait em out and hopefully you catch a part of this rut.i no you follow charlie and his predictions are exact this year,little sporadic bursts of the rut but not yet full blown.good luck id love to c his picture on here.
yes I'm a big believer in Charlie Alsheimer & Wayne Laroches rut predictions, this year they are right on the money again.
here's a view of the rub trail, the north center of the picture is a mountain, it's steep peak, it's so steep it isnt worth trying to climb up to hunt because you'd make way to much noise trying to head up it would just push the deer over the top to the other side many guys have tried it but I've never heard of anyone who tagged a deer by climbing up it.. and I'm surely not an antler hunter but this buck is offering a challenging hunt, I'd love to post his pic & I'll do my best to try but if another legal Buck comes in to offer a shot I'm not fussy.. :w00t:

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Do i repeat do not stay in on rainy days the deer dont have any where to stay in out of it so think about why should you.I have seen just as many deer on those days when every one would have and did stay in.
I wish I had that scrape where I hunt...

Good luck and shoot that hog... Please post pictures after you get the buck..

Go get em, good luck.
Do i repeat do not stay in on rainy days the deer dont have any where to stay in out of it so think about why should you.I have seen just as many deer on those days when every one would have and did stay in.
Was a downpour with lightning and 50 mph wind gusts, I'm on a hunt not a suicide mision lol
good luck BB, let the chess game begin!:ibtl:
nahh, it's probably just a little spike buck.. hahaha JOKING!

"A big buck will rub big and small tress, but little bucks can't rub big trees...."
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