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Is there such thing as too much ?

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I have been hunting on a piece of property ,180 acres. I have been going about every other day, sometimes every third day, rarely two days in a row. always hunting from the same blind. Is there such thing as hunting it too much? Should I back off for several days, what do ya'll think? maybe just move to another place on the property. I am pretty much the only one hunting on this property. I have killed three deer the first few days of season. although I am still seeing a few deer nothing I want to shoot.
Thanks, Charlie
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I'd switch it up a bit. Put a few stands here and there around the property. The deer do catch on after a while. I only hunt 20 acres of woods along with 100 acres of fields, and I have 3-4 stands out at a time.
not to be sarcastic but how come with 180acres you keep hunting the same spot.deer change there patterns all the time do to weather,the rut,food sources,where to bed etc.scout that property with a 180 acres i would have a about 12 spots.furthermore when you repeatedly hunt the same stand usually your sightings become less and less frequent.good luck
I agree with spiker... I hunt about 180 acres and I have 8 spots where I have a blind, ladder stand or tree stand in place.
I agree with above.. Move around some.. Have some different locations to choose from..

And yes there is a such thing as overhunting one spot.. I have been guilty of it countless times..

Thanks for the help friends. I've just been a wimp I recon, I have one box blind, one tent type blind, a old camp trailer to hunt out of, and an old abandoned houseboat on the property. I just keep going back to the same box blind. fortionately season goes well into January here so I still have plenty time. Ya'll may make a decent hunter of me yet, if you don't get tired of my dumb questions first.
Thanks, Charlie
There is no question to dumb. You would be amazed at what types of questions are typed into google on a daily basis.

Alot of folks think the question of "can you kill a deer with a .22" is pretty stupid. But there are thousands of those questions typed in google on a daily basis.

Keep asking. Alot of people just come on here and read. There afraid to ask. You are helping more hunters out than just yourself by asking questions.
Your smart for asking charlie
Me and my son hunt just over 500 acres ... 30 something stands cant have enough .. just keep on switching spots .. you got 4 use them
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